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Evaluation Kit Adds Luminary LM3S102 Capability

A new version of the KickStart Kit from IAR Systems is now available to support the Luminary Micro LM3S102, one of Luminary's Stellaris family of microcontrollers. The kit allows system developers to "test drive" the microcontrollers and quickly move to a working system. Each kit includes an evaluation board fitted with the microcontroller, and an applications CD-ROM containing IAR Embedded Workbench v4.40 for ARM with Cortex-M3 support in an 8-kbyte code-size limited version that supports the full flash capability of the LM3S102. Also included is a debugger with flash download capability, an integrated IAR J-Link JTAG interface, a USB cable, a QuickStart Guide, and documentation and warranty information.

The IAR Embedded Workbench is a set of development tools for building and debugging embedded system applications. It includes a highly optimized Thumb2 C/C++ compiler developed specifically for the Cortex M3 architecture. The package provides a completely integrated development environment that also includes a project manager, editor, build tools, and the versatile C-SPY debugger. The IAR J-Link JTAG interface allows a rapid means of connecting to the host for debugging and flash download.


The KickStart Kit for Luminary Micro LM3S102 is available now From IAR Systems, Luminary Micro, or Mouser Electronics.


The KickStart kit costs $99.


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