Electronic Design

Evaluation Kit Checks Out Links To 20 Gbits/s

As end users seek to maximize their return on investment for electronic systems, equipment manufacturers must deliver today's bandwidth requirements while providing simple upgrade paths to meet future data rates. The XCede Backplane Link Evaluation Kit from Amphenol TCS helps equipment manufacturers do that by allowing them to assess link performance against proprietary and industry-standard protocols. The kit enables the evaluation of links designed to support speeds up to 20 Gbits/s. Insertion to Crosstalk Ratio measurements of the XCede connector against the latest IEEE 802.3ap v3.2 standard demonstrate the connector's ability to easily meet the specification for 10-Gbit/s serial data rates with ample margin for higher speeds once silicon becomes available.

The kit is available in three different board materials (Isola FR406, Nelco 4000-13, or Nelco 4000-13SI) with 2- to 30-in. trace lengths. Amphenol TCS also supports system implementation with analyses for optimal routing strategies and connector configurations that result in dramatic reductions in layer count and improved signal-integrity performance.


The TCS XCede Backplane Link Evaluation Kit is available for loan or purchase.


The kit costs $3995.


Visit www.amphenol-tcs.com/xcede-eval-kit.html.

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