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Evaluation Kit Speeds Leisure-Radio IC Designs

Designers using the company's PMR and leisure-radio baseband ICs—the CMX881, CMX882 and CMX883—reportedly will enjoy development-time savings by way of the EV8810 evaluation, demonstration, and investigation kit. The kit consists a printed circuit board that operates via the parallel port of a Windows-based PC and allows total access to all target-device read, write, and program registers. All chip functions, including signal modes, frequencies, gains and routing, can be addressed, investigated, and adjusted using the graphic interface. The board employs a re-programmable PIC MCU and comes with evaluation firmware, interface and evaluation software, and PIC reprogramming software. Other features include a socketed target IC and numerous links and test points to enable signal-control and signal-level monitoring, and measurement with an audio power amplifier. The EV8810 requires supply voltages for the PIC and CMX evaluation environments, both of which can be supplied externally from dual-rail or two single-rail supplies. CML MICROCIRCUITS, Essex, England. 00 44 (0)1621 875500


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