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Expanded 16-/32-bit MCU Tools Abet Energy-Harvesting Apps

Broadening the company’s portfolio of 16-/32-bit MCU development tools to help designers create energy-efficient and ultra-low power applications are three new tools for TMS320C2000 32-bit MCUs and one tool for the 16-bit MSP430F5xx ultra-low power MCU series. The 32-bit C2000-based resonant dc/dc, renewable energy, and Peripheral Explorer development kits promise to speed designs and enhance functionality for energy-efficient, real-time digital power applications such as solar inverters, uninterruptable power supplies, telecom rectifiers, and LED lighting. The MSP430F5438 MCU experimenter’s kit helps designers to develop with and learn about the F5xx MCUs, which reportedly provide the industry’s lowest active power consumption. The Resonant DC/DC developer’s kit (TMDRESDCKIT) features a TMS320F2808 controlCARD for dc/dc power conversion. It includes a single transformer LLC type digital power EVM with four feedback methods, lossless current-sensing circuit for fault protection and active load, USB/JTAG emulation with connection for an external emulator and power supply, the 32 KB limited Code Composer Studio IDE, and open-source hardware and software. The renewable energy developer’s kit (TMDSENRGYKIT) packs an F2808 controlCARD for dc/ac power conversion in solar, wind, and fuel cell applications. Features include a front-end, single-phase boost board designed for single- or three-phase output, battery charging and management, ac-line sensing and synchronization, voltage and current measurement, a15 to 20 Vdc input, 30 Vac output, and a 5V power supply, plus 32 KB limited Code Composer Studio IDE with open source hardware and software. Peripheral Explorer developer’s kit (TMDSPREX28335) provides a teaching tool for new users or students to demo C2000 peripherals, i.e., ePWM, ADC, McBSP, eCAP, CAN, I2C, SPI, and GPIO. It includes an F28335 controlCARD with peripheral explorer baseboard, a 5V power supply and 32 KB limited Code Composer Studio IDE with open-source hardware, documentation, and open-source example software. The Experimenter Kit (MSP-EXP430F5438) employs the MSP430F5438 MCU and provides a socket for upgrades and application changes, support for a variety of the company’s RF evaluation modules, multiple input/output options, JTAG headers, and 16 KB limited Code Composer Essentials IDE plus documentation and open-source example software. Prices for the kits in order of their appearance are $299, $349, $169, and $149. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC., Dallas, TX. (800) 477-8924.


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