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Extended Plug-In Fuse Family Meets Power Needs In Half The Size

The 250-V MXT and MSTU Microfuse lines now include 8- and 10-A versions, allowing for high power requirements in a smaller package. The Microfuses are electrically comparable to 5- by 20-mm fuses, yet they are about half the size. The plug-in style fuse occupies far less space on the pc board, requiring only a 5-mm spacing compared to the 25-mm spacing required by 5- by 20-mm fuses. Since radial leads align better with mounting holes than wider-spaced, pre-bent axial leads, the Microfuses ease autoloading during production. The MSTU fuse meets the UL 248-14 standard and has a low breaking capacity of 50 A at 250 V ac. The MXT fuse's breaking capacity measures 100 A at 250 V ac. This device meets the IEC 127-3 standard. A sand filling is added to the MXT to dowse arcs that may result from a short-circuit condition. The fuses are available in tape-and-reel packaging in quantities of 750, or in boxes of 100 pieces. Pricing starts at $0.43 each in 100-unit quantities.

Schurter Inc.
www.schurterinc.com; (800) 848-2600

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