Extensible Prototyping Board Built For STM32 MCUs

Extensible Prototyping Board Built For STM32 MCUs

STMicroelectronics’ Nucleo boards bring extensible prototyping to the company’s STM32 microcontrollers (MCUs). The mbed-enabled boards support Arduino connectivity, and provide ST Morpho extension headers that allow access to all microcontroller on-chip peripherals (mbed is a collaborative industry project that delivers free tools and open-source hardware/software building blocks for developing ARM-based devices). Arduino headers accepts shields from the Arduino ecosystem, facilitating incorporation of specialized functionality. Dedicated shields from ST support Bluetooth LE or Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS, audio recording, proximity sensing, and wireless control. The first four 2 Nucleo boards (Nucleo-F030R8, -F103RB, -F401RE, and L152RE) support the STM32 F1, L1, F4, and F0 Value lines.


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