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Fan Delivers 27 CFM Without Back Pressure

The Super-Flow Turbo series back-to-back dc fans measure 40 mm x 48 mm and are capable of emitting an airflow level of 27 cfm with zero back pressure and producing a static pressure of 1.4" in water. The AD0412XB employs a fixed-blade design that maximizes static pressure and an air-gliding frame that optimizes airflow. Poised for power-supply applications, available options now include an extended temperature rating of -30°C to +90°C (standard is -10°C to +70°C), IP-55 water protection, on-board PWM control, alarm output, tachometer output, and thermistor controls. For more information, contact Dennis Eisen at JARO COMPONENTS INC., Boca Raton, FL. (561) 241-6700.


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