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Fast Crosspoint Switches Implement Migration To 10-Gbit Networking

The main networking trend today is to ratchet up to the next data rate increment that the standards permit. Most vendors are already on that path to 10 Gbits/s and beyond. Sonet/SDH OC-192/STM-64, 10GBaseW/R/KR, 8G and 10G Fibre Channel, 40GbE XLAUI, 100GbE CAUI, the ITU OTU and OTN standards, SAS, SATA, PCI Express Gen 1/2/3, and InfiniBand are among the technologies requiring 10-Gbit/s paths. However, switching options have limited the migration of some carrier and enterprise gear to that speed range.

If you’re designing core/metro routers, blade servers, network storage equipment, broadcast video routers, and other gear with physical-layer switches, you now can have a fast crosspoint switch to do the job. Vitesse Semiconductor’s VSC3314-11 and VSC3316 can switch, transmit, and recover high-speed signals over lossy PCBs, backplanes, and cable. Both devices incorporate Vitesse’s latest generation of FlexEQ equalization technology, which allows the system designer to compensate for multiple impairments in the signal path such as connectors, cabling, skin effect, and dielectric losses in PCB traces.

The VSC-3144-11 offers dc to 11.5-Gbit/s fully differential signal paths that are protocol independent for a max throughput of 1.656 Tbits/s. It also boasts adjustable input signal equalization with per-channel and global control and adjustable output pre-emphasis with per-channel and global control. And, it offers the lowest power available at this bandwidth level with 21-W power consumption. The VSC3316 has similar features, but in a 16-port by 16-port configuration. In addition, it includes detection/transmission of signal (LOS) providing native out-of-band (OOB) support of SAS/SATA storage protocols. Each channel can run independently.

The VSC31444-11 comes in a 45- by 45-mm, 1072-pin BGA. Samples, evaluation boards, and pre-production volumes are available with full production expected in the fourth quarter. The VSC3316 comes in a 15- by 15-mm, 196-pin PBGA. Samples are available now.

Vitesse Semiconductor

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