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Ferrite Cores Replace Organic Magnetic Materials

Offering an alternative to organic magnetic materials and machine-gapped cores, the Quiet i series of manganese-zinc ferrite cores is said to deliver efficient core losses with a dc bias present. Operating in the MHz frequency range and available in widths as low as 0.5 mm, the cores also occupy less board space than traditional gapped ferrites, even under high current conditions. The tiny cores are offered as a reliable, efficient option for inductors in power conversion and telecommunications equipment. Traditional ferrites, such as E, RM and Pot cores, can be gapped to handle dc current in linear applications. However, their geometry takes up too much board space and requires mounting clips and coil formers. Other features of the new ferrite cores include a non-magnetic dielectric layer that acts as a distributed air gap to reduce the fringing effects produced by single, cut-gap designs and an ability to operate at temperatures above 150°C.


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