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FET/Schottky Combos Housed In TSOP-6 Package

Claiming to be the industry's smallest such device, the LITTLE FOOT Plus discrete semiconductor devices combine a MOSFET and Schottky diode in a small, TSOP-6 package that takes up 33% less board space than currently available solutions in Micro8 packages. Two p-channel devices offer designers a choice of 30V (Si3851DV) or 20V (Si3853DV) breakdown voltages and an n-channel unit (Si3812DV) carries a 20V rating. The FET/Schottky combos also features a maximum on-resistance of 200 milliohms at a 10V gate drive and Schottky maximum average forward current of 0.5A. Pricing for the TSOP-6s is $0.36 each/100,000 and lead times are eight to 10 weeks for larger orders.


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