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Fiber Optic Switches & OC-48 Retimer Debut

The VSC834, VSC835 and VSC836 (in industry-standard BGA) crosspoint switches implement a completely non-blocking switch fabric with a total throughput of up to 160 Gb/s with a single device. Each data output can be programmed to any crosspoint input, and each data input can be routed to multiple outputs. The non-blocking switch core allows for any input to reach an output without blocking any other input from reaching another unused output. The non-blocking fabrics reduce system complexity. The VSC8124 OC-48 retimer in 100-pin PQFPs is well-suited for SONET telecomm transmission systems, ATM switches and DWDM systems. The four-channel data retiming capability significantly reduces the number of devices and board space needed for optical system designs. The fast-lock acquisition ensures fast locking of the local clock to the incoming data stream, while the loss of signal indicators monitor all four data timing signals.


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