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Fiber Optics Interface Supports High-Speed Transmissions

Designed to provide high-speed, trouble-free data transmission in optical communications equipment, FiberINTERFACE components are available for the most common internationally accepted field bus systems, such as field bus modules, optical repeaters, rack systems with plug-in cards, plug-on modules, and fiber optic hybrid modules for direct integration on boards. All components are carefully matched for maximum compatibility for hardware and software. The OZD Profi module is for use in PROFIBUS networks and provides reliable connections of up to 15 km, and the FiberINTERFACE line also include hybrid modules that enable analog and digital circuit to be upgraded to optical transmission by direct integration onto boards without fiber optics development, The OZD RS 485 provides data transfer at a 2-Mb/s rate over a 20 km range.

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