Electronic Design

Fibre Optical Interface Connects Two PC/104 Stacks

The SMT105, a PCIe/104 Type 2 card with integrated dual Fibre Optical Transceivers enables PC/104 stacks to be connected to each other or to other data sources via the duplex Fibre interface. The fibre connection supports transfers of 100 meters at 4 Gb/s. The SMT105 includes 256 MB of buffer memory, a USB 2.0 interface, microSD slot, multiple RS-232-C transceivers, and more than 100 LVDS I/O pins for user specific interfaces. The SMT105 is designed to operate in a host-free, stand-alone environment for more deployment options. Linux support is available for the on-board PowerPC® 440 core. Price starts at $2,495 each. SUNDANCE, Dallas, TX. (214) 272-0395.

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