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Filter Connectors Come In Pressfit Or PC Tail

Available in plug or socket form, users have the option of the 5W5 combo D-Sub filter in either a pressfit or PC tail configuration. Both configurations can be installed in multilayer pc boards using flat-rock tooling or directly soldered using the PC tail version. Filter capacitance ranges from 1.3 to 100 nF. Dielectric withstanding voltage in the standard configuration is 707 V dc. A high-voltage version can withstand 1020 V dc. The power contacts are rated for 10 A. Made of a copper alloy, they're gold plated on the mating side. Several plating options are available. The connectors feature die-cast nickel-plated shells for added strength and optimum shielding. They mate with standard unfiltered 5W5 combo D-SUB connectors. Typical applications include power-supply I/O connectors. Pricing in quantities of 1000 is $17.85 each. Delivery is in three weeks.

American Conec Corp.
www.conec.com; (919) 460-8800

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