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Filtered Jacks Drop Parts Counts For Fast Ethernet Links

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In its latest line of filtered modular jacks for Fast Ethernet applications, the company has encapsulated the traditional complement of on-board filtering components (including wound magnetic transformers and passives) and encapsulated them within the modular connectors. The MJF-R single-port, MJF-G multi-port, and MJDF-LG stacked modular jacks provide impedance matching and address EMI/RFI concerns while meeting the industry-standard footprint used on pc boards. The jacks are fully compliant with Fast Ethernet Categories 5 and 5E and can meet all future demands of Categories 6 and 7. The company also offers a line of unfiltered modular jacks. The MJD-LG line includes shielded, unshielded and low-profile configurations with from two to 16 total ports each.

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