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First 100 Gb/s Optical Transceivers Hit The Street

Molex unveils what it’s calling the industry’s first single chip CMOS photonics-based 100 Gb/s optical interconnect to support next-gen cloud computing, data center, and high performance computing connectivity. Partnering with Luxtera, the Molex silicon photonics-based active optical devices comprise four 28 Gb/s transmit and receive channels powered from a single laser for an aggregate data rate of more than 100 Gb/s. The components target 100 Gb/s Ethernet, OTN and InfiniBand applications, plus emerging OIF Short Reach and Very Short Reach electrical interconnect to host systems.  Integrated optical transceiver product offerings will include direct board-mounted solutions and complete end-to-end interconnect systems. LUXTERA, Carlsbad, CA. (760) 448-3520. MOLEX INC., Lisle, IL. (800) 786-6539.

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