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First Reconfigurable 10-Bit ADC

Unveiled as the industry’s first reconfigurable four-channel, 10-bit 1.25-Gsample/s analog-to-digital converter (ADC), the EV10AQ190 ADC from e2v is a monolithic chip featuring four separate digitally-programmable ADC channels. When interleaved via a serial peripheral interface (SPI) and its on-chip cross-point switch, the device operates either as a four-channel, 10-bit 1.25-Gsample/s ADC, a dual 10-bit, 2.5-Gsample/s ADC, or as a single-channel, 5-Gsample/s ADC.

According to the company, the converter promises easy upgrades from existing quad eight-bit 1.25-Gsample/s designs and the same 380-pin EBGA package as the EV8AQ160. Other features include a 68-dBc SFDR, BER of 10-e16, a channel-to-channel isolation of better than 60 dB, a 3-GHz input bandwidth, and a power consumption of 1.4W per channel.

Samples and evaluation boards are currently available. For more information, logon to e2v’s Web stite.


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