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First Steps Taken In March To Complete Power Solution

Said to represent the first two devices developed in the firm's search for a complete power supply solution for motherboards, the RC5058 chip is a programmable synchronous controller for multi-voltage platforms, while the ACPI-compliant RC5060 IC is designed to address the USB, PCI, SDRAM and RAMBUS power buses.The RC5058 has a programmable dc-to-dc converter plus three LDOs and 5-bit DAC. Two of the LDOs provide fixed voltages for Vtt (1.5V) and Vclock (2.5V), while the third delivers Vnorthbridge (1.8V) or Vagp (selectable 1.5V/3.3V). The DAC is used to program the output voltage from 1.3V to 3.5V. The RC5060 ACPI switch controller has dual switches and two LDOs and comes in a 20-pin SOIC package.


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