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Five-Slot Backplane Meets PICMG Specifications

Designed for system management, a five-slot AdvancedTCA backplane developed by Bustronic complies with PICMG 3.0 specifications. Featuring dual star, mesh, or replicated mesh configurations, it incorporates two three-pin headers for cabling to new shelf-management modules, called the IPM Sentry.

The headers offer optional redundant connections of the IPMB (Intelligent Platform Management Bus) signals. The backplane also has two 2-mm HM connectors (the standard connector for CompactPCI) for direct plugging of the IPM Sentry into the backplane.

The Sentry brings to the table higher-level shelf-management functions, including controlling fan speeds, sending remote signals, identifying slot cards, and keeping logs of management events.

For chassis-to-chassis interconnections, the backplane can use two optional RJ45 connectors to support ICMB (Intelligent Chassis Management Bus). Interspersed throughout the backplane are thermocouple headers for temperature sensors within the chassis. Other components include a ring header, fan tray headers, and dual sets of ±4-V power bugs.

AdvancedTCA has several key features, including gigabyte-per-second and terabyte-per-second bandwidth across each shelf, 150 to 200 W per board, and 3 kW/chassis power. It accommodates larger (8U by 280 mm) boards on a 1.2-mm pitch, which allows for larger/taller components and more space on each board.

Pricing for the five-slot backplane starts at $1340, with a four- to six-week lead time.

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