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Flash-Based FPGAs Shrink Cost But Not Performance

With the introduction of its ProASIC3/E third-generation Flash-based programmable-logic devices, Actel addresses the market's need for FPGAs in consumer, automotive, and other cost-sensitive application areas. This value-conscious segment is the fastest-growing area of the FPGA market.

Delivering 64-b, 66-MHz PCI performance, the ProASIC3/E FPGAs also offer on-chip Flash memory. They range in density from 600,000 to 3 million system gates and offer secure in-system programmability. There are up to 616 user I/Os and bank-selectable I/O voltages with up to eight banks per chip.

On the chips are 1024 b (128 × 8 pages) of nonvolatile Flash memory. Also included are clock-conditioning circuits based on up to six on-board PLLs. The flash memory can be used for IP device addressing, user-preference storage, system calibration settings, device serialization, and/or inventory control and date stamping.

Samples of the ProASIC3/E devices are now available through Actel's early-access program. Production quantities are scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2005. Please call the company for pricing.

Actel Corp.
2061 Stierlin Ct., Mountain View, CA 94043-4655; (888) 992-2835, www.actel.com.

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