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Flash MCUs Employ Newly Enhanced Core

The first members of the 8-bit Z8 Encore flash microcontroller (MCU) family are based on the company’s enhanced eZ8 core, described as a high-performance register-to-register based architecture. These microcontrollers combine the 20 MHz core, up to 64 KB of flash memory, up to 4 KB of linear register SRAM, and an array of on-chip peripherals. Integrated peripherals include an on-chip DMA controller, a 12-channel 10-bit a/d converter, SPI and I2C interfaces, two nine-bit UART ports with integrated IrDA-compliant encoder/decoders, four 16-bit counter timers each with capture and PWM capability, and a single-pin on-chip debugger. Support is provided via a comprehensive development kit that features a Windows version of the company’s Developer Studio (ZDSII), ANSI-C compiler and C source-level debugger, an evaluation board, the 64 KB Z8F6403 flash device, an RS-232-to-ZDB cable, 9 Vdc universal power supply, and a target-module interface board. Using a one-wire interface, the on-chip debugger is said to eliminate the need for an expensive in-circuit emulator and provides unlimited breakpoints. The development kit also includes XTools, an intuitive suite of tools designed to reduce total system development time. The Z8F6401AN020SC with 64 KB of flash and the Z8F1601AN020SC with 16 KB of flash are priced at $4.73 and $3.08, respectively, each/5,000. For a limited time, price for the Z8 Encore development kit is$49.95 (book price is $199). ZILOG INC., San Jose, CA. (866) 498-3626.

Company: ZILOG INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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