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Flash Microcontrollers Are In-Circuit Self-Programmable

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Drop-in compatible with PIC18CXX2 OTP flash microcontrollers, the PIC18FXX2 family of controllers features in-circuit serial programming (ICSP). This allows the devices to be programmed after being placed on a circuit board, as well as remotely through a serial communication interface module. And they are self-programmable over the operating voltage range of 2V to 5V.The PIC18F242/252/452 members of the new µC family deliver up to 10 MIPS at 10 MHz and include up to 32 KB of self-programmable flash. Other features include 1.5 KB of user SRAM, 256 bytes of data EEPROM, a 10-bit A/D converter with up to eight inputs, and a master synchronous serial port in either SPI or a two-wire I2C mode. A number of package options and a development kit are available. Prices range from $3.96 to $4.76 each/10,000. MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY INC., Chandler, AZ. (480) 792-7668.

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