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Flat Cable Keeps Displays Connected

The Axolink line of board-to-display flat cable assemblies has been expanded to now include DF 19 (Hirose) and Fl/Fl-X (JAE) connectors. The assemblies are primarily intended to connect displays with LVDS interfaces. They consist of 0.5-mm pitch cable with 31 (VGA) or 41 (SVGA) conductors connected to a DF-9 connector on one end and either another DF-9 or ZIF/LIF termination on the other. Other features of the flat cable assemblies include silver lacquer shielding, on-connector grounding, and tin-plated copper conductors, insulated between polyester-based tapes. Custom configurations are available. For more information and pricing, contact AXON' CABLE INC., Schaumberg, IL. (847) 230-7800.

Company: CABLE INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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