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Flat Flex Cable Adds Gold Plate Mate

The company's gold contact FFC/FPC connectors may now be mated with flat flexible cable, the FFC, that contains a gold coating on the stripped ends, promising an extra measure of reliability in board-to-board interconnections. In addition to its standard line of flat flexible cables with bare copper or tin-plated copper conductors and polyester or polyimide tape insulation, gold-plated cables are available for use with ZIF/LIF connectors. Described as being very flexible as well as thin and narrow, the FFC cables are available in various custom configurations including shielded or grounded with folds, ferrites and connector interlocking systems, hybrid pitches, and unique insulation. Special markings, notching, punching, window cuts, slits, mounting brackets, folds, and crimped contacts are also available. AXON CABLE INC., Schaumburg, IL. (847) 230-7800.


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