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Flat Panel-Based PC Offers Array of Multimedia Capabilities

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Designed for a variety of information display and event recording applications, the DisplayPac-Multi is a 850-MHz Pentium III-based single board computer with up to 1-gigabyte of SDRAM and a comprehensive suite of I/O and video/audio playback, capture and archiving features. These include a 20.1" 1,280 x 1,024 TFT LCD with resistive touch-screen; and the entire system is housed in a 21" x 21"x 5" plastic enclosure weighing 33 lb. Two hardware MPEG encoder circuits allow the capture and compression of dual audio/video streams from the system's integrated SVHS camera and microphone with an anti-echo circuit. Playback of stored streams, from an internal 20-GB SCSI hard drive or external network, is via the system's hardware MPEG decoder. Other features of the new SBC include: a 16-bit Sound Blaster Pro-compatible audio controller with 7.5W/channel amplifier and two magnetically shielded 30W speakers; 4" x 3" back-lit signature tablet; 10/100baseT Ethernet interface; four RS-232 ports; dual USB ports; and a floppy drive controller. Price: $14,995. COMPUTER DYNAMICS, Greenville, SC. (864) 627-8800.

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