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Flex-Circuit Connectors Sport Range Of Styles

Providing manufacturers of handheld and multimedia devices with an extensive range of board-to-board connectors to suit any application, the FH family of flexible circuit connectors comes in many different configurations with contact pitches ranging from 1 mm to 0.3 mm. The connectors are designed specifically for FPC (flexible printed circuit) and FFC (flat flex cable) type connections. Certain models feature side-retention tabs, which increases FPC/FFC holding force and assures proper alignment within the connector. One example of the FH family is the FH12 Series, a zero-insertion-force (ZIF) connector that comes in 0.5-mm and 1-mm pitches with top or bottom contact points. Designed for horizontal and vertical mounting, the FH12 Series features a front flip-lock actuator and comes in contact positions from six to 60. Yet another example, the FH23 Series, is a low-insertion-force (LIF) connector on a 0.3-mm pitch. Built with a bottom contact point, the FH23 Series is designed for horizontal mounting and stands 1.25-mm tall. It offers contact positions from 15 to 71. HIROSE ELECTRIC CO. LTD., Simi Valley, CA. (805) 522-7958.


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