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Flip-Chip Device Protects Buses And I/O Lines

Using a chip-scale-type package (CSP) that can be mounted onto a pc board or in a connector, the SFC05-5 five-line, 5V transient voltage suppressor (TVS) is designed to protect power bus, data, control and I/O lines against ESD (IEC 6100-4-2) and EFT (IEC 61000-4-4) attacks. The flip-chip device is said to virtually eliminate the lead inductance that can cause voltage overshoot consistent with fast turn-on of transient events, such as ESD and EFT.The chip has six solder bumps: one for each of the five TVS diodes and one internal bump connected to ground vias. The five diodes can be connected as five uni-directional or four bi-directional circuits, depending on the application. The SFC05-5 penta TVS has an outline dimension of 0.060" x 0.040" and costs $0.29 each in 3,000-piece reels. Samples are available. For more information, contact David Hutchins at PROTEK DEVICES, Tempe, AZ. (602) 431-8101.


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