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Flip Chip Package Provides 199-µm Via-To-Via Core Pitch

CoreEZ semiconductor packaging employs an organic, thin-core build-up flip chip technology that combines high electrical performance, wireability, and reliability with cost sensitive materials. Reportedly, board level reliability is twice that of a standard FC PBGA or FC ceramic BGA. In addition, both sides of the core have full signal wiring. The device utilizes particle-filled epoxy technology without the glass and is said to be extremely thin and able to replace standard build-up packages. The core via density provides a 199199-µm via-to-via core pitch, resulting in an essentially coreless structure. High core via density comes by way of smaller pads and 50-mm holes to unblock wiring channels through the core. For more details, contact Theresa Taro at ENDICOTT INTERCONNECT TECHNOLOGIES INC., Endicott, NY. (866) 820-4820.


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