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Flip-Flops, Latches Come In Small Packages

Intended for use in space-constrained systems such as portable CD players, disk drives, cellular telephones, pagers, radios, digital cameras, PCMCIA cards, portable computers and docking stations, the TinyLogic series of flip-flops and latches come in SC70-6 packages. These single-gate logic devices function as add-ons where needed, eliminating long and undesired signal routings. A single flip-flop or latch can also expand a standard shift register, synchronize clock signals or add an extra bit of storage to facilitate product options with a minimum of re-design of existing boards. Products include the NC7SZ373 UHS D-type CMOS latch with three-state outputs, NC7SZ374 UHS D-type CMOS flip-flop with three-state outputs, and NC7SZ175 UHS D-type flip-flop with asynchronous clear.


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