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Flip-Top BGA Socket Reduces Required PC Board Space

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The new Flip-Top BGA Socket is said to dramatically reduce PC board space for BGA and LGA device socketing in development, test, and production applications. A compact design includes the company's exclusive eutectic solder ball terminals and True BGA Socket design. The Flip-Top BGA Socket comes in virtually any 1.27 mm pitch footprint and has gold plated terminals and contacts with an integral, finned heatsink or coin screw retention clamp. No external retention or device soldering is necessary. This product is 3 mm wider and 10 mm longer than the BGA device. Approximate height without heat sink is .67" from the PC board. Both solder ball and solder tail terminals are available. ADVANCED INTERCONNECTIONS CORP., West Warwick, RI. (800) 424-9850.

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