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Flow-Optimization Suite Spurs Technology Donation

The Magillem flow-optimization suite is comprised of an IP-XACT packager, platform assembly tool, complete development environment, flow control tool, and a register view kit. The Magillem suite enables homogeneous design flow integration for various targets such as ASICs, FPGAs, electronic boards, analog/mixed-signal systems, and other complex systems. Adaptation kits have been developed for each target.

Add-ons are now available to meet specific customer requirements such as reporting and documentation, safety and traceability of critical systems designs, and management of obsolescence.

Key customers applications include: design specifications, virtual prototyping, verification, validation, and legacy integration. All can benefit from a common backbone and seamless encapsulation into one unified environment.

In further news, Magillem and Sonics Inc. have made a joint donation of the IP-XACT support of OCP protocols to the OCP-IP. The donation is termed a major step towards supporting OCP protocols in IP-XACT 1.4 with dedicated vendor extensions. This will enable document exchange in an IP-XACT format on OCP-IP interface blocks, as well as automated integration of modules using OCP-IP within the IP-XACT flow.

The approach has numerous benefits:

  • Bus interface definitions format remain IP-XACT;
  • Vendor extensions allow tools to perform automatic consistency checks between bus interface definitions and OCP parameters;
  • Dependency rules are defined in a single OCP abstraction definition
  1. no need to redefine them on a OCP component
  2. ensures OCP compatibility of all OCP bus interfaces;
  • supports single/multiple OCP interfaces on an OCP component.

  • In addition to the donation, Magillem and Sonics will act as the main editors in completing a prototype instantiation. Both companies will also assist the OCP-IP in implementing consistency and compliance checkers based on the IP-XACT description.

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    Sonics Inc.

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