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Four-Axis Step-Motor Controller/Driver Features Rates Up To 50,000 Steps/s

The MCB-4B is a compact unit that can control up to four stepping motors with mini-step capability. This four-axis integrated stepping motor controller/driver board can be used to control any stepping motor with four, six, or eight leads and a phase current of up to 3 A.

The board offers up to 16.7 million steps per move. Stepping rates reach up to 50,000 steps/s. Each axis is addressable. Several boards can be controlled via a serial communications port. Additional features include high-efficiency, low-noise motor drivers with full-step, half-step, and mini-step capabilities. Featuring programmable acceleration and deceleration, the device also offers a motor currents shut-off switch.

The MCB-4B step-motor controller/driver costs $895 and is available from stock.

Advanced Control Systems Corp.
(781) 740-0223; www.acsmotion.com

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