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FPAA Breaks Price Barrier

Promoting affordable analog programming for basic filtering, sensor conditioning and PID control, the AN221E02 field programmable analog array (FPAA) premieres as the first such device priced below five dollars. It is both statically and dynamically re-configurable, allowing on-the-fly, real-time control of analog functions by the microprocessor. Two configurable I/O cells serving as either inputs or outputs are on the chip plus two dedicated output cells. Based on a fully differential architecture, the FPAA exhibits a signal-to-noise range of 80 dB for broadband and 100 dB for narrowband applications. Typical bandwidth ranges from dc to 2 MHz, depending on function. Programming is via AnadigmDesigner2, an EDA tool that constructs analog circuits. And users can perform modifications graphically or in C code. Price for the AN221E02 is $4.95 each/1,000. A free trial copy of AnadigmDesigner2 v2.3 is available for download at the company's website. And an evaluation kit with a development board, entry-level software, and documentation is available now at a promotional price of $199. ANADIGM INC., Campbell, CA. (408) 879-6677.


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