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FPAA Employs Flexible I/O Cell Design

Joining the Anadigmvortex family, the AN221E04 field programmable analog array (FPAA) features a unique I/O cell structure that allows it to be programmed with up to six outputs. The device has four configurable I/O cells and two dedicated output cells, enabling it to process multiple channels of analog signals, a task normally requiring use of two or more devices. Further reducing parts count is the device’s integration of an eight-bit A/D converter. Users can route the output of the ADC off-chip via one of the dedicated output cells. The FPAA can be dynamically reconfigured in-system or on the fly by way of a microprocessor. Programming is performed using AnadigmDesigner2 EDA software. Alternatively, a statically reconfigurable device, the AN121E04, is available that shares the same I/O structure as the AN221E04. This device requires a reset before loading a new configuration bitstream. Both devices are available in a 44-pin QFP, with pricing for the AN221E04 and AN121E04 starting at $16 and $8.95 each/10,000, respectively. An evaluation kit with development board, software, and documentation is available for $499. More details are available from ANADIGM INC., Campbell, CA. (408) 879-6677.


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