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Free CD Software Bundle Supports Data-Acquisition Boards

The Data Acquisition Omni CD is a robust software bundle available at no charge with Data Translation's data-acquisition boards. The CD features 32-bit WDM device drivers for all of the company's PCI and USB data-acquisition boards. It also boasts a DataAcq software development kit and a TestPoint evaluation package. Several included software programs run applications for interactive instrument control, data acquisition, analysis, presentation, and application-building libraries. And, the CD has video tutorials and executable example programs with source codes.

The CD's software drivers support Windows 98, 2000, and NT 4.0 operating systems. The DataAcq development kit is made up of drivers and function calls to dynamic link libraries (DLLs). These DLLs consist of all necessary header files, libraries, example programs, and documentation to develop custom applications. The TestPoint evaluation package—drag-and-drop software for designing test, measurement, and data-acquisition applications—gives users all of the capabilities of the TestPoint Professional Development System.

For simplicity, the Omni CD offers three menu-driven, ready-to-run applications; the TestPoint run-time data-acquisition application, the Quick DataAcq software, and the Scope application program. These features let users sample and experience the power and flexibility of several software applications.

The Omni CD is now available, free of charge, with the purchase of all Data Translation USB and PCI boards.

Data Translation Inc., 100 Locke Dr., Marlboro, MA 01752-1192; (508) 481-3700; fax (508) 481-8620; Internet:

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