Electronic Design

Free Design Kits Ease FPGAs’ Path Onto PCBs

Free for the download, a simulation design kit from Zuken is available to help with integrating Altera’s new Arria GX FPGAs onto printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Altera’s Arria GX FPGAs are transceiver-based devices that are suited for cost-sensitive, high-volume applications in which the technology is moving very rapidly with short design cycles. These include areas such as communications, computers, data storage, and industrial systems. The design kits enable users of Zuken’s CR-5000 packaging and PCB design environment to speed adoption of the devices.

An extensive set of topology templates makes routing to JEDEC-defined signaling standards (such as SSTL 1.8 V) a straightforward process. The kit makes it easy to compare real-board performance against the theoretical ideal, using waveform and eye-pattern analysis, in addition to simulation models. To assist in electromagnetic compatibility, it also allows users to view results in both time and frequency domain, displaying both voltage and current.

Importing the design kit is straightforward: Users with a login can visit Zuken’s support Website, LinkZ, and click to download.



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