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Free Footprint Data Of TI’s DSPs Available For Zuken CR-5000

In order to simplify pc-board design, Zuken has prepared footprint data for many of the latest digital signal processors (DSPs) from Texas Instruments and assembled it into free downloadable design kits. The data on a broad range of DSPs is available to users of Zuken’s pc-board design solution, CR-5000. The collection of the footprint data is the latest effort by Zuken to keep pace with onboard technology and facilitate its adoption by the company’s broad customer base.

CR-5000 is Zuken’s scalable and robust pc-board and advanced packaging layout suite, which was created for the small to large enterprise market. It incorporates the latest technology with a design-for-manufacturability methodology that enables rules applied early in the design process to be maintained right through to manufacturing. This ensures that products are right the first time and manufacturable the first time.


The TI DSP footprint data is available now.


Free downloads are available for Zuken customers with an active maintenance contract.


Visit www.zuken.com/linkz.

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