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Free GUI Motion-Control Software Expedites Designs

Designers who use Performance Motion Devices' Developer's Kit (DK) for motion-control designs now have a new tool from the company to expedite their work. Known as Pro-Motion, this Windows GUI software uses dialog boxes and point-and-click features to let designers quickly display and modify all motion-processor parameters. With it, designers also can manually tune a motor and graphically monitor trace data.

The company is providing this development tool free of charge with each DK purchased. Each DK includes a motion-control board with the selected Performance Motion chip set, appropriate cables, manuals, and a CD-ROM that includes the new software. According to PMD, the software helps designers reduce their learning curve and save time, whether they are using the DK to evaluate a PMD product or exercising the full functionality of the chip set.

Pro-Motion is now available. Future releases will offer enhanced functionality, including event-driven scripting and multi-axis contouring, jogging, and homing, as well as an enhanced motor-turning function. The DK costs $995.

Performance Motion Devices Inc., 12 Waltham St., Lexington, MA 02421; (781) 674-9860;

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