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FSMT Inductors Waylay RFI

The DR332 Data Series of low-profile, flat-top-style inductors is suited to designers of balanced data transmission, RS-422/423/485, ISDN, and CANbus systems who require a rugged RFI surface-mount package compatible with automated assembly equipment, high temperature soldering, and immersion cleaning processes. These new inductors, according to the company, provide a much more cost-effective solution than shielded cables for RFI filtering in high-speed data lines. They will filter common-mode interference at 10 kHz and higher while allowing data signals to 100 kHz to pass unaffected. Ideal for applications where printed circuit board space is at a premium, the DR332s measure only 0.276" x 0.232" and are just 0.204" high. Lead spacing is 0.098". The family is available in seven different standard inductance ranges from 5 to 4700 µH ±25% (measured at 100 kHz) for operation over a -40°C to +85°C range. DC resistance ranges from 0.11 ohms to 0.20 ohms maximum, with rated current at 0.5A. Rated voltage is 80 vdc and 42 vac. Pricing starts at approximately $0.36 each/25,000, depending on custom circuit options. The series is delivered in a variety of customer-specified packaging, including tape-and-reel. Delivery time is stock to eight weeks.


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