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Fujitsu Shows Off Live Displays Across Several Key Markets

Location: Stand 312, Hall 12

Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe (FME) will display a comprehensive portfolio of its products at Embedded World 2007, spanning markets including industrial and automotive, graphics, multimedia, and communications.

Industrial & Automotive

The new 16FX series of microcontrollers combines high performance with lower power consumption while retaining complete compatibility with FME's previous 16LX generation of microcontrollers. Key target market sectors for the 16FX include industrial control and automotive. A demonstration at the show — calculating the Mandelbrot set — will graphically demonstrate its processing power and its lower power consumption.

FME's new phase-3 kit, an evaluation board for 32-bit motor control based on the MB91F267N microcontroller, will be demonstrated controlling several different motors, such as brushless dc and synchronous devices. Features of the new board include dual-operation flash, CANBUS and CANOPEN interfaces. Several other systems to be on display include the 8FX 8-bit microcontroller range, FRAM memory, and the first device from FME's next-generation family of 32-bit CAN microcontrollers, the MB917F467D.

FME's latest 32-bit microcontrollers, from the MB91460 series, play a central role in the demonstrations. Dashboards, body control, infotainment and chassis control are all potential applications for the series, which will be featured working with a Fujitsu graphics controller.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to see the very latest versions of all of FME's starter kits for 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers, including CAN, l2C, SPl, LIN-UART and FlexRay.


In the graphics market, demonstrations of FME's family of graphics controllers will highlight aspects of the controllers' performance and suitability for varying market sectors. The MB86297 will be shown controlling systems for the automotive and industrial control markets, working with the MB91467D evaluation board.

The second display comprises four different elements, utilizing the MB86276's multi-layering capabilities. One element accepts a video input, such as from a camera or DVD player; the second takes a texture mapping application, showing different objects which are flipped and rotated; the third element shows a rotating pointer against a background that can move at different speeds, for the purpose of displaying readings such as amps, volts or temperature; and the last element is for a process control type of application.

The MB86296 graphics controller demonstration features 3D animation using a 3D model of a car to illustrate its use with an in-car navigation system.


The advanced infotainment facilities that today's generation of processing devices makes possible will be a core theme of the multimedia systems being featured and demonstrated.

In particular, by combining FME's graphics processing display capabilities, in the form of the MB86276 graphics controller, with its SmartPEG devices for MPEG-2 decoding, the FME stand will stage a working system for rear-seat entertainment in the car. This offers DVB-T facilities, or connection to a digital TV network.


FME will be staging a live demonstration of the techniques employed in optimising use of network capacity, in which two video streams with different priorities are transmitted across a network. This features the SwitchCore Xpeedium2pro Ethernet switches, plus equipment at the edge of the metro ring (the MB87M2181-based BX21 system), the optical metro ring, a WiMAX solution for first mile access, and set-top boxes at the customer premises. For more information, visit www.fujitsu.com/global.

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