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GaAs IC Meets Gigabit Ethernet Needs

A photodetector and transimpedance amplifier are incorporated within the AMT128501, a GaAs optoelectronic IC that offers distinct cost and pc board space advantages over discretes. The device is designed to meet the growing needs of the Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel markets- it meets or exceeds all of the requirements of both marts.The device operates from a +5V supply and features an 850-nm photodetector, which converts data transmitted as light over a fiber-optic network at a 1.25-Gb/s rate into a differential voltage signal. The unit achieves -20 dBm or better optical sensitivity. Other specs include 0 dBm overload, -3 dB bandwidth of >1000 MHz, and 260-ps rise and fall times. It's offered in a TO-46 flat window package.


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