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Ganged Trimmers Replace Stacked Controls

Designed to resolve the majority of multifunction control requirements, these low-torque, long-life ganged trimmers include the PT-10 Series having 10-mm round, carbon resistive elements and the PTC-10 Series having 10-mm round, cermet resistive elements. The devices are available with two, four, six or eight trimmers ganged on a single shaft, providing an efficient method of simultaneously adjusting the chosen parameters of up to eight independent circuits while keeping them electrically isolated from each other.Each trimmer is inserted into the pc board and tied together by a single shaft. Shafts come in plastic or metal. Ganged PT Series trimmers can be used anywhere adjustments of multiple circuits need to be tied together mechanically but isolated electrically, such as in car audio and multimedia speaker circuits. The PT-6 series of 6-mm round dual-gang trimmers is also available.


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