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Gb Ethernet Chassis Goes Portable

Addressing requests for a smaller version of the DNR-12-1G RACKtangle 12-slot, front-access 3U chassis, the DNR-6-1G HalfRACK Gigabit Ethernet I/O chassis offers all the features of the 12-slot model in a portable, half-rack-width configuration. It is electrically compatible with the Cube form factors, meaning all of the I/O boards available in the Cube form factor are also available for the DNR-6-1G. Over 30 I/O modules are available for the unit and its six I/O slots provide up to 150 analog inputs, 192 analog outputs, 288 digital I/Os, 48 counter or quadrature channels, 72 ARINC-429 channels, and/or 24 serial or CAN-bus ports. Price is $3,350 with a delivery time of two to four weeks ARO. UNITED ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES INC., Canton, MA. (800) 829-4632.


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