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Generic DC-AC Inverters Fit CCFL-Backlit LCD Applications

The Smart Force SFW series of low-cost generic dc-ac inverters from Endicott Research Group targets universal use across a broad range of CCFL-backlit (cold-cathode fluorescent lamp) LCD applications. The series comprises 12 parts that cover a wide range of applications for ease of selection and pricing that’s competitive with key offshore competitors, according to the company.

The inverters are available in single-lamp, dual-lamp, and multi-lamp configurations and can be used in LCDs ranging in size from 5.7 to 19 in. diagonal for a wide variety of industrial, medical, and other applications. Their profile is less than 6 mm, and they’re compatible with virtually all OEM LCDs. They comply with the European Union’s Restrictions on Hazardous Substances as well.

Furthermore, the SFW series provides onboard lamp current regulation, strike voltages to 2400 V rms, an operating temperature range of –20°C to 85°C, high efficiency, open lamp detection, and onboard dimming. Pricing depends on part number and quantity. For example, the SFWA160JF single-lamp inverter with 6.0-mA rms output current and JST output connector SM02(8.0) costs less than $10.00 in production quantities.

Endicott Research Group

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