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Geppetto 2.0 Board Introduces Tux-Approved Mappings

Geppetto 2.0 Board Introduces Tux-Approved Mappings

Gumstix has announced the release of Geppetto 2.0, the company’s build-to-order tool. Version 2.0 introduces Tux-Approved recommended mappings for buses which helps ensure compatibility between user-created hardware and standard Linux images. 2.0 also offers an expanded module selection, improved dimensioning, video tutorials, and a faster interface. With the release, the Geppetto-designed AeroCore 2 MAV Control Board (compatible with Overo COMs) and the Pepper DVI-D SBC are also available.

AeroCore 2 helps give MAV developers greater selection in finding a solution that fits their needs, adding CAM, Spektrum RC, and GPS interfaces to the ARM Cortex-M4 powered board. The Pepper DVI-D SBC is a complete, compact solution for embedded developers interested in ARM processors and features the Texas Instruments Sitara AM3354 processor. It also offers high-definition video output, 512 Mbytes RAM, WiFI, Bluetooth, a microSD card slot, and two USB ports.


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