Electronic Design

Gesture Technology Enables 3D Depth Tracking/Control

Announced at CES 2009, GestureTek’s 3D depth tracking and control solutions break ground in gesture control interfaces for interactive displays and other devices. Enabling webcam-based hand, face, and body tracking, its gesture recognition technology allows users to control a television, set top box, display screen, or any camera-enabled device by using simple hand motions instead of a remote control, keyboard, or other touch-based interface. The system tracks full-body movement and subtle gestures in complete 3D space, translating those movements into specific computer commands.

The system is programmable to recognize virtually any pose or gesture including hand waves, pointing, or any combination of recognizable motions. For example, a hand wave can turn on a television set or activate a multi-media presentation. Circular hand movements can adjust volume and hand-swiping motions can control menu selections. Other applications include full body avatar control, two-handed and multi-touch control, and hand tracking for 360º navigation control.


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