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Get More Productive With Test-Enhanced PC-Board Tools

Productivity is paramount for pc-board designers. The process of schematic capture and entry for a modern multilayer board can mean many thousands of mouse clicks.

Electronics Workbench's Multisim 8 pc-board design and simulation suite boosts productivity by optimizing repetitive capture tasks. Designers can then concentrate more on the creative aspects of the job. According to benchmark studies, Multisim 8 provides a time savings of almost 50% for the 160,000 existing Multisim users.

Earlier board-design packages typically forced designers to wait until their design was manufactured for prototype test. That's often too late in the design cycle to be useful. Multisim 8 includes virtual test instruments from Tektronix that enable designers to validate and optimize their circuits and board layouts during schematic entry.

Designers can use the suite's Dynamic Probes feature to place an unlimited number of probes on the schematic to annotate a circuit with real-time dynamic voltage and current values. This provides immediate feedback and accelerates the design process.

Another feature, Simulation Profiles, lets users configure, save, and reuse complete Spice simulation parameter setups. With the Tool-Tip Style Notes feature, notes can be attached to any point in the circuit. Design notes, annotations, and comments pop up automatically when moused over. Users may toggle between all notes, no notes, or notes made by a specific individual.

A worst-case algorithm feature tests circuits under the worst expected conditions. These conditions are calculated from the statistical variations of real-world component values during the upfront simulation runs.

Pricing for Multisim 8 starts at $1995. Complete design suites range from $3995 to $6995. The tools are available now.

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