Electronic Design

Goniometers Guide Beam Steering Applications

Stackable for two-axis rotation, the TECHSPEC goniometers allow for precise angular adjustment of an object about a fixed point located above the center of the mounting surface. They provide true tip and tilt adjustments of any optical component and are available with metric and English hole patterns. TECHSPEC goniometers are also available in plate sizes of 30 mm, 40 mm, or 70 mm.  The 30 mm and 40 mm Goniometers employ black painted brass while 70-mm models use black anodized aluminum.  The 30 mm and 40 mm stages require bottom adapter plates to mount to standard breadboards and the 70-mm and 125-mm stages mount directly to standard breadboards. EDMUND OPTICS INC., Barrington, NJ. (800) 363-1992.

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