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GPIB-To-Serial Board Provides Data Path

For interfacing RS-232 devices to the GPIB bus, the model 4806 interface board provides an IEEE 488.2-compliant, GPIB-to-serial, transparent data path to the device and at the same time provides a serial connector that maintains the existing RS-232 serial communication path to the device. The board supports asynchronous, normal and smart serial devices. It provides the serial device with an interface that responds to all of the IEEE 488.2 common commands and includes the 488.2 Status Reporting Structure. The board also responds to SCPI commands that let the user set its GPIB address and serial parameters. All other GPIB messages are transparently converted into serial strings and sent to the serial device. Prices start at $295 with documentation and configuration programs or at $245 for the board alone.

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