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A-GPS Receiver ICs Carry Baseband, RF, And Flash

Location-based applications are spreading to portable devices that are as diverse as mobile phones, power-constrained smart devices, and compact digital cameras. Designers of such devices want to incorporate real-time location and navigation capabilities without significantly degrading overall power consumption.

In the GSC3f and GSC3 SiRFstarIII single-chip GPS devices, designers will find a complete A-GPS digital baseband processor and an RF front end. The GSC3f adds 4 Mb of Flash memory. Both ICs offer high sensitivity, low power consumption, and extremely fast time-to-first-fix.

The digital section of both chips includes a SiRFstarIII core GPS signal processor. That processor handles all time-critical and low-latency acquisition, tracking, and reacquisition tasks autonomously. Also included is a 50-MHz ARM7TDMI processor for running OEM user applications.

By incorporating Flash memory, the GSC3f eliminates the need for an external Flash IC. It also simplifies the routing associated with integrating a GPS receiver into a pc-board (PCB) design. Both chips combine a real-time clock and monitor circuitry while reducing RF current consumption to just 13 mA.

The GSC3f and GSC3 are available now in production quantities. Please contact the company for pricing information.

SiRF Technology Holdings, Inc.
148 E. Brokaw Rd., San Jose, CA 95112; (408) 467-0410, FAX: (408) 467-0420, www.sirf.com.

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